We, Zenith Holidays, are involved in offering budget, luxury, and deluxe hotels or resorts ensuring a comfortable stay of the tourists. Choose to book a stay with us as we offer great discounts on hotel bookings.

We have listed from exclusive budget hotels to luxury beach resorts along with some of the prominent hotel chains of India on our site. We ensure to provide a comfortable experience with the best hospitality to our clients. Enjoy cheap hotel deals by booking with us for any location and ensure great savings.

Why Book With Us?
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1. How can I make good savings on my bookings?
Try making advance bookings if you want to save on hotel reservations. Also, you can compare the best deals on different websites too. Zenith Holidays ensures to offer the cheapest hotel booking deals to the clients on every booking. One important note to keep in mind is that every hotel in India has different GST rates depending on their tariff. Hotels with a tariff ranging from Rs 1,001 to Rs 7,500 per night charge 12% GST and hotels with tariff equal to or above Rs 7,501 per night charge 18% GST. So, you can calculate and plan your stay according to this for saving a good amount.

2. Is it possible to book a hotel with a local ID?
Yes. Those days are gone when a hotel doesn’t allow local IDs. Now anyone can get a room by showing their local IDs. For instance, if a person is late from the office and wants to freshen up after his travel then he can always book a room for himself in any hotel by showing a local ID. You just need to show a valid ID proof. In the case of couples, whether married or unmarried, some hotels ask for IDs of both the persons. As exceptions are always there, some hotels still might not accept local IDs.

3. What is the usual check-in and checkout time of a hotel?Most of the hotels require the travelers to check out by 11 AM or noon so that the housekeepers can get enough time to clean the rooms for the next guests. You can check the deadline of the hotel by asking directly at the reception from the concerned person.

4. Is there any possibility of early check-in or late check-out in a hotel?Both early check-ins and late checkouts in a hotel are subject to availability. You need to ask directly to the hotel regarding this. If the rooms are available in the hotel then they usually allow you both (early check-ins and late checkouts) or at least one of them.

5. Is there any way to book cheap hotel rooms in a 5 Star?First of all, you need to be flexible about your dates if you want to book a cheap hotel room in 5-star hotels. Moreover, many 5 star hotels in different cities offer rooms at affordable rates. Another factor to keep in mind is weekends as room rates are relatively higher during weekends in comparison to weekdays. One more tip for booking a cheap 5-star hotel room is to book it during the offseason.