MICE’ is a growing buzzword that is dominating the field of tourism. The acronym ‘MICE’ stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. It is a concept that represents strategically organized programs that are based on any specific theme, viz., hobby, education or profession. It is a specific type of business tourism that relates to the endeavors or interests of groups of businessmen who want to travel for business purposes. The main objective of MICE is to cater to the different forms of international conferences, business meetings, exhibitions and events.

In Zenith, we have taken up the challenging task of planning these tours for corporate focusing on their individualistic needs. We understand and analyze the purpose of their tour and then work out every intricate detail starting from pre departure parties to post departure arrangements. Our team remains with the group for the full duration of the tour.

Our MICE Team proposes innovative ideas to help conduct these tours more cost effectively and efficiently from choosing star hotels close to the meeting venue, competitive airfares, cuisine best suited to the Indian palate and the best sightseeing programs. Our primary focus is to give the travelers their money’s worth so they remain our trusted clients. We ensure the best quality of service for these meetings, incentive programs, conferences and events across the world.

Some of the services provided for the MICE travels are :

  • Planning the travel.
  • Familiarization visits before the tour.
  • Choosing airline & booking air tickets, preparing Visas and other ticketing services.
  • Accommodations in the best hotels.
  • Sumptuous meals each day.
  • Foreign exchange, transfers, insurance, phone cards.
  • Technical support.
  • Post event tours

Swasdi- welcome to ‘Krup Thep Maha Nako’ ……failed to comprehend! Dear friends we welcome you to the world’s one of the most visited country welcoming about 16 million international travelers every year-Thailand.

Thailand is a beautiful and fascinating country with its breathtaking scenery and exotic beach resorts. But what makes it special is the Thai People; they are polite helpful and ever smiling race. Thus making it extremely desirable location for all kinds of travel- be it weddings, honeymoons or family travel. There is something for everyone-indulge in exotic foods, be amazed at the glorious temple, be pampered in luxurious spas, swim in crystal clear waters and lay on the deserted white beaches. Dance the night away and get a bargain shopping in one of the many markets & bazaars.

Bangkok its capital can be considered an Asian super capital, a labyrinth and a traffic jam rolled into one, Bangkok is a mash of contemporary and traditional, the sacred and the profane.

Visit Singapore with us – learn about the history and culture that made Singapore the country that it is today.

Some refer to her as the ‘little red dot’ but Singapore’s presence in the world today is larger than that. In fact, Singapore is a bustling cosmopolitan city that offers a world class living environment, with her landscape populated by rise buildings and gardens. One interesting facet you will discover about Singapore is ubiquitous collage of cultures, where people of different ethnicities and beliefs co exist. Besides a vibrant multi cultural experience , there is more you can discover about Singapore.

Singapore has an aura of harmony all around itself. From the silence of rainforests to the dazzle of modern metropolis, landscape of Singapore creates an experience that is beyond the words.

Singapore is waiting for you to deliver enriching experiences, unbridled energy & ever lasting dynamism. The city is fall of attractions, entertainment and uniqueness that should be seen to believe. There is no other place like Singapore!

Malaysia is a very vibrant and pleasant country to visit. Apart from being a wealthy nation, it has people from different religions and cultures co existing as one beautiful land.

A beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage that blends Asian and European influence, Malaysia offers countless attractions to the discerning travelers. We help you explore some of the best cultural and natural sights, venues and places in Malaysia, from Kula Lumpur’s central market to Malacca’s A FamosaFortress.

Thinking about turning your dream of visiting Australia into a reality? Lucky for you, we are experts when it comes to booking Australian travel! We provide you with the opportunity to choose your own itinerary and customize your Australia trip exactly to your liking. We can help you make the decision based on what you want out of your Australian experience.

More than most other developed countries, Australia seizes your imagination. For most visitors its name is a shorthand of endless summer where the living is easy; a place where adventures are as vast as the horizons; a country of can do spirit and easy friendliness.

Planning a trip to New Zealand? We’re experts at planning New Zealand vacations.

Immerse yourself in one of the world’s most spectacular destinations. Travel to New Zealand, home to the Adventure Capital of the World – Queenstown. New Zealand might be a small country, but are BIG on adventure vacations! More than a third of New Zealand’s land mass is contained within the boundaries of National Parks or Reserves.

We offer the very best in New Zealand vacations. Our New Zealand travel packages have something for just about everyone whether you’re looking for extreme excitement or a more relaxed venture.

Boasting an enchanting mix of the old and new, Dubai is the most widely known of the UAE. Development of the city in recent years has led to a boom in holidays to Dubai, with people around the world choosing to visit the architectural wonders, bustling beaches and world-class hotels. Shopping in this location is also an event in itself, with glittering shopping malls and traditional souks offering a fascinating contrast of experiences. There are many cultural attractions to be discovered too, along with the impressive Palm Islands.

Dubai boasts a vast array of attractions to cater for every taste. Visitors can enjoy a wealth of activities, with spectacular water parks, world class golf courses, desert safaris across the dunes and even skiing in Ski Dubai, the world’s biggest indoor skiing arena.

Dubai also features fantastic shopping and entertainment venues, with the Dubai Mall boasting more than 1200 outlets. If you are after something more traditional, then the souks offer a great opportunity to sample local goods and also have a go at haggling.

Dubai is not without cultural attractions, with stunning architecture and impressive museums including the Dubai Museum, which itself is one of the oldest buildings in Dubai. The 828 metre Burj Khalifa is a sight to behold, while the famous Palm Islands are a must see during your Dubai holiday.

A mesmerizing mix of the exotic and the familiar, Turkey is much more than its clichéd image of a “bridge between East and West”. Invaded and settled from every direction since the start of recorded history, it combines influences from the Middle East and the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Central Asia. Mosques coexist with churches, Roman theatres and temples crumble near ancient Hittite cities, and dervish ceremonies and gypsy festivals are as much a part of the social landscape as classical music concerts or football matches.

The friendliness of the Turkish people makes visiting a pleasure; indeed you risk causing offence by declining invitations, and find yourself making friends through the simplest of transactions. At the big resorts and tourist spots, of course, this can merely be an excuse to sell you something, but elsewhere, despite a history in which outsiders have so often brought trouble, the warmth and generosity are genuine.

Europe’s almost unmanageable wealth of attractions is its biggest single draw: the birthplace of democracy in Athens, the Renaissance art of Florence, the graceful canals of Venice, the Napoleonic splendor of Paris, and the multilayered historical and cultural canvas of London. Less obvious, but no less impressive attractions include Moorish palaces in Andalucía, the remains of one of the Seven Wonders of the World in Turkey, the majesty of meticulously restored Imperial palaces in Russia’s former capital St Petersburg and the ongoing project of Gaudí’s La Sagrada Família in Barcelona.

You’re likely to feel a little overwhelmed, but once you dive into Europe, these fears will be replaced by wonder and fascination – plus something, perhaps, unexpected: a sense of connection. Very few, if any places in the world, remain untouched by European history, culture and influence. As continents go, Europe’s broad variety and excellent transport infrastructure – be it air or roads, or the old standby of the Grand Tour, rail – is hard to beat and is sure to push you on to new experiences and unexpected discoveries.

In a nation as enormous as the United States, travelers can find an overwhelming array of landscapes and cultures, with enough variety to satisfy all interests. Capture the wild landscape of the Southwest, California’s epic coastline or the urban hum of the Northeast. Find friendly locals in the Midwest, rich cuisine with a history in the South’s Low Country and so much more.

Iconic landmarks, action-packed adventure, breathtaking views, dazzling nightlife or total relaxation – the USA has it all. Our members are brimming with brilliant ideas and money-saving offers, all constantly updated to bring you the best deals for your holiday to the USA. Our specialists have a wealth of knowledge, tips and inside information so you can really make the most of your trip.

South Africa is a large, diverse and incredibly beautiful country. The size of France and Spain combined, and roughly twice the size of Texas, it varies from the picturesque Garden Route towns of the Western Cape to the raw subtropical coast of northern KwaZulu-Natal, with the vast Karoo semi-desert across its heart and one of Africa’s premier safari destinations, Kruger National Park, in the northeast. It’s also one of the great cultural meeting points of the African continent.

Many visitors are pleasantly surprised by South Africa’s excellent infrastructure, which draws favorable comparison with countries such as Australia or the United States. Good air links and bus networks, excellent roads and a growing number of first-class B & Bs and guesthouses make South Africa a perfect touring country.


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